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Thank you for visiting C-ENG's website on this occasion.

This website (http://www.c-core.info/ and http://www.c-eng.net/, hereinafter called the "website") is operated by C-ENG Co., LTD.Customers should read the following articles of use, and use the website only if they agree. Further, be aware beforehand that these articles are subject to change without notice.

Article 1. Service
1. Web access is required to access this site, and so the user is responsible for preparing at their own cost the necessary devices, software, and communications methods, etc., for suitable connection and operations.

2. This website supplies C-CORE information, but various services may be added, or changed and deleted, in the future.

3. C-ENG in no way assures the provision or attendant services of this website. Further, C-ENG shall bear no responsibility for damages to the user caused by the unreliability or stoppage, etc., of the services provided by this website. For details, see "Exemptions".


Article 2. Handling Personal Information
Personal information such as names, email addresses, addresses, and phone numbers, etc., acquired from the user when using this site shall be handled according to the separately-determined "Privacy Policy"


Article 3. Copyright and Other Intellectual Property
1. The programs, product photographs, and other intellectual property rights in this website belong to C-ENG. Users may use the relevant information provided it is for personal use. Use beyond such scope (including reproduction, transmission, transfer, and secondary use, etc.) without C-ENG permission is prohibited.

2. C-SCORE trademark rights belong to C-ENG and cannot be used without permission.


Article 4. Prohibitions
1. C-ENG prohibits the following actions by users.

1) Actions that damage C-ENG or a third party, or actions where there is a risk of causing such damage

2) Actions that damage the property, name, or privacy, etc., of C-ENG or a third party, or actions where there is a risk of causing such damage

3) Actions that violate public morals, or actions where there is a risk of causing such damage

4) False applications or reporting such as registering the email address of another person, etc.

5) Actions that use or supply harmful programs such as computer viruses, etc.

6) Actions such as unilaterally sending spam email and email magazines, etc.

7) Any other actions that violate the law, or actions where there is a risk of such violations

8) Any other actions C-ENG judges to be unsuitable

2. The user agrees that in the case of any of the aforementioned violations, C-ENG may demand damages from the user.


Article 5. Exemptions
1. C-ENG creates and manages all information posted to this website carefully, but cannot in any way assure its accuracy and completeness.

2. C-ENG may without warning suspend or cease operations of this website, or change the information posted to this website either in whole or in part.

3. C-ENG shall bear absolutely no responsibility for any damages incurred by the user from using this website or being unable to use the website for any reason, or for any damages caused by data written, illegal access, statements, transmission of emails, etc., performed by a third party.


Article 6. Contract Cancellation
1. C-ENG may stop this service at any time if a user violates these terms.

2. If the aforementioned incident occurs, C-ENG may demand damages from the user.


Article 7. Damages
If any of these terms are violated, C-ENG shall demand compensation for the damages incurred.


Article 8. Court of Jurisdiction In the rare event of a dispute in the courts, the exclusive court with jurisdiction for the primary inquiry shall be the Nagoya District Court.


Article 9. Exceptions 1. If there are regulations that conflict with these regulations on the pages explaining C-ENG services, the articles described in the service explanation pages shall apply.


These terms shall take effect from October 1, 2012.

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