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G-Absorber   Speaker System                    
G-Absorber has a great shock absorbing ability and the patent is granted by Japan Patent Office.

When vehicles collide with G-Absorber, super low density air mortar and PP cushions in the PE case absorb impact energy and can minimize damages in the car accident. G-absorber is installed in more than 1100 places in Japan.

G-Absorber photo01
G-Absorber photo02
When a vehicle going at 100km/h collided with the G-Absorber, the driver is slightly injured but can go home the same day.
G-Absorber photo03
G-Absorber photo04
Location : Meishin highway)   (Location: Tollgate in Keiyo Road highway
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Speaker System

This self-resonating-sound emitting speaker is ultra-small but can emit the same sound wave as a plane wave. It can be used in the big theaters, home theaters or augmented entertainment theaters, such as 4DX or IMAX. It also can be applied to reclining seats in hotel swimming pools. And the speaker has a compact structure that can be build in pillows.

Speaker System photo
The speaker is water proof. You can turn the volume down to relax or turn the volume up to keep you awake and focused.
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