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Message from C-ENG President

Our companyfs concept is gecologyh, gsafetyh and ghealthh.Our product, named gC-COREh, has been developed according to this concept.Since we started manufacturing gC-COREh, customer feedback has been very positive. We have a lot of confidence in the gC-COREh mattress. And our market share has grown rapidly for several years.

The mattress industry has acknowledged the gC-COREh as part of the industry and the gC-COREh is widely considered the next generation of therapeutic sleep mattresses.This will increase consumer awareness to the benefits of the gC-COREh design.

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C-ENG Company Profile
Company Name   C-ENG Co.,LTD
Establishment   June, 1999
Establishment   April, 2000
CEO   Yoshihisa Takaoka
Capital   30 million yen
Head Office   14-15, Chuo-honmachi, Gamagori-City, Aichi Pref., 443-0057, Japan
TEL   81-533-66-0606
FAX   81-533-68-5137
E-mail   support@c-eng.net
Main Financing Bank   Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ bank, Gamagoori branch
Main costomer   Mitsubishi Corporation, Toyota Tsucho Corporation, Otsuka chemical co.,ltd
Manufacturing Items   EC-CORE(three dimensional net-like structure)
EG-Absorber(shock absorber in haighway)
EMachine Engenering
C-ENG Head Office photo
Head Office
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C-ENG Corporate History
  Develop the C-CORE product method
Start to research recycling technologies with various companies.
Start to sell C-CORE products to the mattress industry as beds and sofas.
  Establish an incorporated company with the capital of 10 million yen.
Develop the C-CORE product method using waste plastics.
Start to sell C-CORE products to the construction industry and green business using waste plastics.
Start to develop a shock absorber with TOYOTA.
  Start to manufacture and sell the shock absorber.
Start to manufacture C-CORE as a plantation mattress of the water purification.
  Start to manufacture a machine for the chemical recycling of PET bottles.
Start to study in the government project (the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in order to expand in application of C-CORE.


  Start to study another application of C-CORE in the government project (the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
  Start to sell C-CORE products as beds and sofas for medical use.
Become a general sales agent of G-Absorber.
  Start to sell C-CORE products in several countries.
  Start to sell C-CORE manufacturing license in U.S.A.
  Establish our sales company gC-CORE Co.,Ltdh with the capital of 10 million yen.
  Start to sell NEO3D products in Japan.
Alter our sales company name to C-ENG sales Co.,Ltd.
Sight of the product shipment in the 50fs
Extruder for making monofilament yarn .The machine is operating abroad now.
Sight of extruder manufacturing in the 60fs
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