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C-CORE's Characteristic Features header
C-CORE is...   C-CORE's Characteristic Features : Durability   C-CORE's Characteristic Features : Breathability   C-CORE's Characteristic Features : Washable & Quick-Drying   C-CORE's Characteristic Features : Eco-friendly   C-CORE's Characteristic Features : Other features  
C-CORE is...

"C-CORE" is a net-like cushion structure in which numerous thermoplastic resin fibers intertwine with each other. The surface is also very smooth. The product has plenty of air-pockets, so it’s breathable and prevents bacteria from growing in the fibers.

Our specially designed air circulation technology helps keep the mattress cool in summer and warm in winter. One can enjoy good sleep all year around.

“C-CORE” can be more than just a sleeping mattress. The “C-CORE” is much more durable than a spring mattress. The “C-CORE” is also more solid than a temperpedic cushion which makes it better for weight distribution. “C-CORE” technology makes it also ideal for use in sofas and chair cushions. Several hospitals have been using “C-CORE” and receiveing very positive feedback from their patients.

Additionally, it can be easily modified during and after the production process, so one can get various shapes for pillows or cushions for medical use.

“C-CORE” is a safe, recyclable and eco-friendly product.
<C-CORE products>
Beds, Cushions, Pillows, Mattresses, Beds for Medical use, Cushion for Medical use, Pillows for Medical use, Mattresses for Medical use, Furniture, Sofas, Covering, Floor Covering, Seats for Transportation, and so on.

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C-CORE's Durability : "C-CORE" That will never wear out.

The complex fiber structure supports the body’s weight and disperses body pressure effectively. The “C-CORE” will never become lumpy or wear out easily.

Our patented fiber technology can resist extreme amounts of weight and pressure, so the mattress will remain firm without any sign of overuse for at least 10 years. The “C-CORE” fibers are also chemical-resistant and will not be damaged by cleaning-agents. It’s ideal for hospital environments where mattresses are exposed to a variety of chemicals.

C-CORE's Durability photo
C-CORE's Rebound Charateristics graf
“C-CORE” has various kind of rebound characteristic products by the adjustment of the production method.
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C-CORE's Breathability :  "C-CORE" That is a magical cushion that lets air through.

“C-CORE” has numerous air pockets and air circulates well through them. As a result, “C-CORE” is moisture-resistant. If you sit on “C-CORE” all day in your office, you feel comfortable because the cushion is not damp. Even if you get a rash by the allergy such as the atopic dermatitis, you can keep the affected area sanitary and prevent itching because the air always circulates.

For people suffering from rashes and skin conditions, the “C-CORE” stays dry and aids in the healing process. Traditional cushions and mattresses often absorb moisture which is bad for rashes and sensitive skin. It’s also a great mattress for people who suffer from bedsore.

The issue of bedsore becomes serious in various care conditions, but our product is suitable for the prevention of bedsore and the early recovery of the affected area.

C-CORE's Breathability photo

Air or damp circulates well through the air pockets C-CORE has.

C-CORE's Humidity Comparison graf
If you sit on “C-CORE” all day long, the cushion is not damp.
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C-CORE's Washable & Quick-Drying : "C-CORE" That is washable and quick-drying.

“C-CORE” can be washed in water because the raw material is plastic resin and doesn’t absorb moisture. And It is a quick-drying product after washing. It takes no time at all to keep your “C-CORE” mattress clean. Regular cleaning reduces the growth of mold and eliminates dust mites.

C-CORE's Washable & Quick-Drying phtoto

“C-CORE” can be washed in water easily.

C-CORE's Drying Test graf
C-CORE is a quick-drying product because the raw material is plastic resin and doesn’t absorb moisture.
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C-CORE's Eco-friendly : "C-CORE" That's an eco-friendly cushion.
The raw material is recyclable resin. “C-CORE” products can be crushed after use and returned to source as a raw material. And the material can be regenerated as a “C-CORE” product. “C-CORE” can be recycled up to three additional times and the physicality characteristic remains unchanged. Business or services that have heavy mattress use, like hotels and hospitals, will find the “C-CORE” a very useful product because it’s so easy to recycle.  
C-CORE's Eco-friendly photo
C-CORE's Recycle map
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C-CORE's Other features

<Recovery Characteristic>

The “C-CORE” fibers have spring-like properties, as they can absorb large amounts of tension and then return to their original shape.

<Inflammable Products>

The “C-CORE” is very fire-resistant. It’s well-suited for things like public transportation, such as buses and trains that use combustible chemicals.

<Antibacterial products>

The “C-CORE” is very moisture-resistant and has anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, the “C-CORE” is the perfect material for public transportation.

C-CORE's Recovery Characteristics graf
“C-CORE” is high bounce mattress and easy to return to form when pushed. The line chart shows that Poly-cottons yield deeply and return slowly. And it also shows that urethanes are easy to bottom when pushed.
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